About Randy

Things I Like

Hobby Board Gaming ○
Watching F1 Racing ○
Scouring the internet for my next watch purchase ○
Researching the next new gadget ○
Building and upgrading our computers constantly ○
Obligatory “spending time with my kids” LOL! ○

Words From Randy

I’m husband to my amazing wife Ellen whom I love working with! I’ve had a love for photography since I was a young boy, taking pictures of landscapes, city skylines, and architecture. I love taking the time to find a new angle, trying a new technique, or learning to photograph something I’ve never tried before.

Spending time with my 4 boys is the greatest thing ever, even if I’m constantly fixing their computers and electronic devices! We have a blast playing games together and travelling.

About Ellen

Things I Like

○ Hobby Board Games
○ Working out and Yoga
○ Filling our board game Instagram with fun game pictures
○ Window shopping
○ Watching LOTR or Harry Potter with our kids
○ DIY projects with Randy

Words From Ellen

I’m am an adoring wife, mother of 4 amazing boys, board game content creator/enthusiast, who loves to spend time singing on our worship team at church.

Photography was Randy’s passion first… he taught me everything I know about it and has instilled a love for getting that perfect shot. An absolute plus to working as a husband and wife team is that I get to spend my time working with randy. We genuinely have a blast shooting together… I couldn’t wish for a better job!

The Photographers

Hey guys!… thanks for taking the time to get to know us and checking out our about us page. We hope this gives you a glimpse of who we are, what we love, and how we work together.

We are a husband and wife photography team that has been married for 14 years and photographing together now for over 7 years. With many weddings and countless portrait shoots under our belt, we can genuinely say that we have a blast photographing together. 

Randy has a 9-5 job as a materials manager and I’m a homemaker to our 4 beautiful boys. We also have a passion for board games and started creating content online. We have fun adding pictures of our board gaming adventures to our Instagram page and uploading videos to our YouTube channel. Hobby board gaming has an amazing group of loving people and we’ve made great friends all around the world!

Randy has always been into photography, in fact, he used to shoot on his dad’s old film cameras! He dove into photography head first and accumulated the equipment we’ve used over the years. My enjoyment for photography came a little later After we had our first child. I started to photograph with our newborn being the primary subject. The rest sort of blossomed from there.

Our shooting and editing style leans into a more photojournalist and hands-off approach. We add structure and direction for the posed shots and let you be who you are to capture the fun moments between you and your loved ones. Ultimately we want you to feel absolutely comfortable while having your picture taken and believe when you are, beautiful moments come easily.

Read more about how we work and what you can expect on your wedding day or during a portrait shoot on our “The Experience” pages!

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