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Veda’s Outdoor Senior Portraits | High School Senior Photography


   What a beautiful girl Veda is! I loved photographing this senior:) She brought her mom with her which made for fun company.

   We had a super sunny day to contend with so we tried to really use the trees that were around us. It turned out really nicely and Veda looked stunning.

   I thought it was really cool that she wanted to represent the Green Bay Packers by wearing her packer jersey and posing with a football! Cute idea! (GO PACK!)
With four outfit changes and quite a lot of walking we were able to get some beautiful photos of Veda.

   Good luck on your future endeavors Veda!

~Ellen Kirby~

Nick’s Outdoor Senior Portraits | High School Senior Photography

Nashotah House Outdoor On Location High School Senior Photos, Nashotah, WI-012

   One of mine and Randy’s favorite photo locations is Nashotah House in Nahotah. The grounds are so diverse! We met Nick Davis there for his senior session. He was with his mom who was the designated prop holder. We had Nick’s soccer ball, a couple outfit changes, a hockey stick and jersey, and of course the dress suit his dad wanted him photographed in.

   Nick had just come from a soccer game at which he actually pulled his hamstring. Poor guy was limping all over the grounds. He was a trooper though! With all smiles and totally willing to cooperate, you never would have know he was injured!

   Thanks for a great session Nick and mom!

~Ellen Kirby~

Tasha’s Outdoor Senior Portraits | High School Senior Photography

Mukwonago Outdoor On Location High School Senior Photos, Mukwonago, WI-009

   Tasha’s senior photo session was a really neat time. We got to talking and I found out Tasha was actually adopted from Romania. I, along with other members of my family and church, have been to Romania numerous time for missions work. So being able to connect that way was very cool!

   We loved photographing Tasha’s sweet and gentle personality. She was accompanied by her mom and dad. Turns out they actually live right across the street from where we shot so they knew just what direction to point us in.

   It was really a neat place. There were a couple of bridges, a forest, and tall grass to shoot in. We had a good time! Best of luck to you with your college endeavors Tasha!

~Ellen Kirby~

Claire’s Outdoor Senior Portraits – High School Senior Photography


Claire was SO fun to photograph. A natural beauty as you can see. She isn’t just a pretty face though. I’m impressed to find out that she actually jumps hurdles at her high school. I know I wouldn’t be able to jump over those things!
Claire held her spikes in some of the photos …very cool!

We got to know Claire through her mother Darcy who’s engagement photos we took! (Small world;) ) We met at Nashotah House in Pewaukee for this senior photoshoot. There are so many different backgrounds there…it’s a photographers dream. Luckily we’ll be taking her mothers wedding photos out there soon! Can’t wait.

~Ellen Kirby~

Menomonee Falls Senior Photos | Studio re


     Photographing Angely’s senior photos was an absolute pleasure. What a beautiful girl! We really couldn’t take a bad photo of her…not that we were trying 😉 We met up with Angely and her mom at Mill Pond Park in downtown Menomonee Falls. What a neat little place for a photo shoot.

      We were able to utilize some of the old stone buildings around the downtown area and then just across the street we were able to get more of on outdoorsy feel by the river that ran through the park. Angely’s senior shoot lasted about an hour and a half and she chose three outfits. All so cute!

      Angely struck some really unique poses with her dance jumps. What a cool idea to capture her love for dance in a photo! The thing I loved most about photographing Angely was her constant smiling face and laughter, making it so easy and comfortable to connect with her. Thanks for letting us snap these pics of you Angely!

~Ellen Kirby~