1 Year Old Birthday Cake Smash - Greenfield Park WI-015

   We met the Abdel-Moneim’s at GreenField Park on a cool Sunday evening. The occasion was Adyen’s 1year old cake smash! We started out with some family photos taken by the lake and made her way over to the little clearing to set up for Ayden’s cake smash.

    I knew just what look I wanted to go for with this photo shoot. Randy and I made a banner made out of colored burlap strips tied onto jute rope. With fall right around the corner and seemed to be the perfect background for Ayden to smash some cake! He really got into it after we help them sample some of the frosting. That blue frosting was a little hard to get off of his face but was worth it in the end!

   Thanks for a fun photo session Abdel-Moneims!

~Ellen Kirby~

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