Kellan is 7 Days New! | Waukesha Newborn Photographers

   Kellen’s newborn photo shoot was actually a present given to his mama at a baby shower. What a great gift! Randy and I took his pictures at just six days old. Kellan is Trevor and Andrea’s first little addition to their family.    Watching them interact with him was so sweet and priceless. We spent a […]

Ayden’s 1 Year Old Cake Smash | Greenfield Park, WI

   We met the Abdel-Moneim’s at GreenField Park on a cool Sunday evening. The occasion was Adyen’s 1year old cake smash! We started out with some family photos taken by the lake and made her way over to the little clearing to set up for Ayden’s cake smash.     I knew just what look I wanted […]

Olson Family at Greenfield Park – Family Portrait Photography

   We kept a close watch on the weather all day of this photo shoot. Rain threatened to make us reschedule the Olson family shoot. Thankfully it held off and we were able to get some really great pictures of everyone. The Olsons were a blast to photograph! There was So much laughter and smiling …and […]

Louisa Jane has Arrived! – New Berlin Newborn Photographer

Randy and I stopped by my brother and sister in laws house with pizza for the adults and cameras for Louisa Jane’s newborn lifestyle shoot. Her first ever photo shoot was so precious. Despite her accident all over the blankets;), Louisa was floppy and happy for her shoot. I can’t believe how long that little […]

Gavin is 3 Years Old! – Waukesha Kids and Family Photographer

   Gavin turned 3! His beautiful mama, Elizabeth Bush, asked us to do a mini shoot with him. 30 minutes is all we needed with this little guy. He was so interested in everything around him that we were able to get some great “Gavin being Gavin’ shots.    The day of our shoot was supposed to […]

Family Photo Shoot | Waukesha

Randy and I were contacted by Rachel Bennett about doing a special photo shoot. She booked us for an hour long shoot at her Mom’s house to get photos of her family for a Mother’s Day present. Such a sweet idea! We pulled up to this evening photo shoot and were warmly welcomed by Rachel, […]

Speth Twins 1 Year Old Birthday and Cake Smash

   Randy and I had the pleasure of not only photographing Adeline and Eleanor’s materinty shoot, but we were also invited to shoot their newborn and 1 year photo shoot and cake smath. That was a blast.    Something I’ve always wanted to do with a photoshoot was put together a little makeshift tent from sticks lying […]

Adelynn is 6 Months old! Waukesha Kids and Family Photography

So little Addie here was such a curious little cat during her photo shoot. Watching her just take in her surrounds was so adorable! I met up with Holly and her daughter Addie (who you’re seeing in the photos) at a park near where they live. The beautiful sunny 73° day was perfect for 6 […]

Isla’s First Photo Shoot – Brookfield Newborn Photographer

   Randy and I showed up on a chilly Saturday morning to photograph little Isla in her cozy home. It was a busy day with family and friends over who were working on cars out in the garage.    Randy and I got to work setting up the background for Isla in the totally adorable living room. […]